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Protecting 340B

340B Grantees is a grassroots organization that was founded by members of another 340B-specific advocacy group to unify all non-hospital participants under one umbrella for 340B matters that are unique to the grantees. Hospitals who also participate in 340B as another grantee type may also join. Our focus will be advocacy on 340B at both the federal and state/regional level, since so much is happening in the 340B space at the state levels.

Organizational Mission:

Participants in the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program (Section 340B of the Public
Health Service Act, created under Section 602 of the Veterans Health Care Act of
1992), hereafter referred to as the 340B program, make up what is known as the
healthcare safety-net. Advocacy for the 340B program directly impacts public health,
especially in communities that have had historic healthcare disparities. The mission of
340B Grantees is to advocate on behalf of its member organizations (hereafter also
referred to as members) to better serve these communities. The advocacy done on
behalf of members can be specific to the 340B program or any tangential matters that
hinder members from full access to the benefits of the program. Advocacy activities
include outreach, education, and lobbying of federal and state legislatures bodies, as
well as individuals and agencies of the executive branches of federal and state
governments. Additionally, when warranted, advocacy can include litigation through
federal or state courts.

Send us an email for information on how you can join the effort to protect 340B for your patients.

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