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340B Grantees Submits Comments to CMS

340B Grantees issued a response to CMS regrading New York State's waiver extension proposal of March 4. 2021. If enacted, the outpatient prescription benefit that is currently in Medicaid Managed Care, will switch to Medicaid Fee-for-service, removing the 340B benefit from covered entities across the state. This will cause great harm to New York's safety-net providers and the patients who rely on them for services. 340B Grantees full response can be be viewed  by clicking below.

340B Grantees Participating in New York Webinar

The Executive Director of our NY/NE Chapter was a panelist and the keynote speaker at a webinar hosted by City and State New York. The topic was the state's plan to change the outpatient prescription benefit from Medicaid managed care to Fee-for-service, beginning in April 2023. This proposed change will take away the 340B benefit from covered entities across the Empire State, causing profound harm to New York's safety net.  We at 340B Grantees maintain that this is contrary to the intent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


More details can be found HERE

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